The point of this web site is to demonstrate that religion is about indoctrination. And we wanted to create a word that better-described the act of religion on a small person, so this was created:




Because a priest, an imam, a rabbi or a vicar are, essentially, indoctrinologists!


There is so much superstition in the world that we feel it’s time to STOP being nice, and to say to the Christian woman who says she’s going to pray for you that she’s wasting her time and her superstitious beliefs are childish. Or the Muslim man that we CAN mock any religion we want. His religion does not have any special privileges as it’s just an idea, and ALL ideas are open to ridicule. Especially when they’re ridiculous.

When superstition infiltrates government, schools and popular consensus without any election, it is a problem.

It’s time to STOP the indoctrination of our children and adults, and make real-thinking, more capable children going forward.